You know when you get excited about a nice font? Or when you see a beautiful building that you NEED to take a photo of, yes that’s me!
My interest in design began many years ago. When I was very young. I would spend hours creating birthday cards for everyone in my family. When the internet was introduced in my life I started building blogs with basic HTML and the rest is history. Designing layouts, social media campaigns, image and video editing and developing websites is my passion and I want to do this with you. I speak fluently In Design, illustrator and photoshop and I’m also very good at being an awesome colleague who loves working in a team. I have a bachelor’s degree in media production and process design and run my own company where I help clients with design. 
But, why do I call myself ’Ethical Designer’? I believe we have a responsibility towards the earth and each other. With my current freelance work I aim to work with people who believe in creating a better world. 
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